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was just on the phone to auntie kerryn for a long long time. she called me cos she thought my mum would just say "i told you so" and she has no close friends any more. also cos apparanly im' a smart girl- yah rite, a carnt evin spel. she had a row with scott, he said she's an unfit mother and shes the reason james died. i ca'nt beleive he said that. i konw him and james never saw eye to eye, and they definately didn't understand each other, but i was pretty sure scott was a nice guy under it all. now im not so sure. kerryn may be a bit dippy, but she's a lovely woman and she deserves so much better than someone whos' gonna treat her like that.

i know shit all about relationships, but i can tell a goodun from a badun. i think this en't gonna last much longer. i'm worried about kerryn, and james ii. how could that fuckup skinhead think of leaving them? specially after kerryn's first husband.

i hope it gets better. :S

kate xxxx
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