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hello again!

back from wolverslagton, it was fun being home even tho both my parents and auntie kerryn and uncle scott have got rid of their internet! i get it tho, mum an dad too old to understand, scotts barely ever home and kerryn's pretty dim for a nurse!

i was there for my mum's 52nd b-day. its hard to beleive that she's so old now! she has greyish hair lol. my dads even older, he 57. and kerryns so young for her age- 44, married to a 33-yr-old and shes just had a baby! aw bless, i luv jimmy2. hes the most gogeous kid ever, even tho jackie, deryck and franksta are compitors! i saw all of em. lol, lissas coping fine, even wiv the evil kirstien, but deby's lookin more harrased by the minute. poor gal, she too young for this.

i have a crush. i wish i did'nt, its stupid. say no more.

anyways, i saw dave as well! lol, he shaged brizzy, ugh! i hate her. and her big big tits. their so big you can see them from space. and he got genital warts of her! god i wish hed shag someone else. brizzy is the only person in the world whos worse than robin. have'nt seen robin in long time, thank fucken god. dave is still my best mate tho, we been through everything together since we were babys. GENITAL WARTS! lol!

speakin of sex, dion tried to shag me! he wants to marry me again, he dumped sofika for me, but i dont want him! he's a bastard. he dont like sex before marriage, but he thought thatd be the only way to get me. ha! bullshit, i ent having him!

that's enough for now. im at marrakech's and she wants me to get off her computer.


kate xxxx
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