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pookatimes (spatula's ex) will you go out with hattiehill? i'm a bit late asking i know, but spatula really wants you to.

part from that, im back home in good old wolverslagton. seen mum, dad, lissa & mark, debz & adam b, the mad kids, kerryn & scott & james ii, dave, 'mantha - everyone i used to know and still do. except i have not seen adam, emma or dion cos i hate them so much. adam tried to call me and ask me out again, i may be single but that doesnt mean i can take back old flames.

in lancastrian news, katie is not coming back. she's getting better, but she wants to stay in scotland with her family and friends. in other words, she hates us tall people as much as we used to hate her minithculitaaay (are you mocking it?).

god, i need a date now. will you go out with me? someone? ANYONE? PIEPIEPIEPIEPIE!

kate xxxx
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