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ca'nt sleep

none of us can. neither mk, kelley, mike, felix (katie's room-mate) nor myself ever really liked katie, but you never miss somone till theyr'e gone do you? felix makes the most amazing pies. we just had a 3am pie fest. fun, but not even pie can cheer you up when you find out that your flattest flatmate has anorexia. it's even worse for me now i konw cos of james and bikz and all that. and it's worse still cos katie's family are calling even at stupid times like this, just to know what we thougt of her and if we were in the wrong, not them. personaly i think that no-one is in the wrong and what we need is FAT ACCEPTANCE!

the worst bit of all - why did'nt i reconise her ways? how could i not notice that she was walking around at 5 stone? she wasn't even eating at our pie fest's for gods sake! i feel like it's my fault now. i know so much about anorexia and i did'nt even see it coming with katie. im' a failure.

kate xxxx
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