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another of my flatmates, katie pearce (we're in a 6-person all-girls flat) has just been taken off to hospital. it was so weird. i was in class doing my work, when some counsellor i've never met before bursts in asking for me and tells me that katie's bogged off in an ambulance to some place called "riverdale grange" in sheffield. why sheffield i don't know cos there are plenty of docs here in preston, and katie comes from scotland, not bloody yorkshire.

i barely know katie and i'm not even sure what's wrong with her, as far as i know she's just a v. skinny and v. v. v. short (did i mention she was short?) ginger girl who lives two doors down from me and shares my kitchen. that and she thinks i'm a bitch cos im taller than her and i get laid. ;)

i do'nt know why i'm worried about someone i barely know, but i am. after all, she's my flatmate, isn't she? i think.......

kate xxxx
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