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mmm pie

just come back from lectures, still wearing my smarty-pants "i want to impress the lecturers" suit. talking to kessie on #teenchatz (and using up all of my room-mate marrakech's phone bill, haha), she seems a bit down. i can't even cheer her up by making pooka pooka jokes - this is weird.

went back to wolverhampton yesterday, saw the carpenters' new baby, james deryck ii. bit of a sad name, but bless em. :) i know that auntie kerryn loved her first son and stepuncle scott (he likes being called that, heh) took a shine to him at least. i wish them the best of luck in raising a healthy happy kid, and i hope that he is just as nice as james i but without all the problems.

going out with terry, marrakech, kelley and mike (two other girls in my flat - well, mike don't like being called a girl, but she is one) at 7pm. terry likes being with the girls - wonder if he's gay? :P at least there's no danger of the girls stealing him, cos kelley's engaged, m.k.'s celibate (?!) and mike's more than a bit blokey. i haven't got drunk in ages, i'm too committed to my work. i'm just gonna watch m.k. and mike get drunk out of their heads - they always do! and have mind-blowing sex with terry afterwards. i did last thursday night as well, but one of terry's mates at his place stood there with a camera! home-made porn! yay!

kate xxxx
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