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my b/f situation

1. dion has officially broken up with me. he called me on friday to tell me that its over between us. he's gone off to marry some greek freak called sophika. he says his dad did'nt approve of me, doesn't understand polyamory. ew.

2. i haven't heard much from adam or anything at all from emma since coming to ucl. i think i can leave those relationships for dead, which leaves me with no-one.

3. except...i had a one night stand last night. and it was the best sex of my life. his name is terry elton, and for the first time ever, i felt this connection, like i might actually be in LOVE. not poly love, love-of-my-life love. is that possible to find out from one night of passion? i can see myself marrying him, and still being able to be k.a.t.e...are'nt i sad thinking about this?

in other news, had lissa, mark, adam and debs (and all 4 mad kids) staying with me. well they didn't stay in my room, they stayed somewhere in preston, but it was nice to see them all again, specially little jacinta, i love her! and i hadn't seen deb's daughter kessa before, aww she so cute! not forgetting deryck throwing up all over the place...anyway, i love the kids, except lissa has this little step child called kirstien, a love child from mark and some bitch he had. kirstien is EVIL, she's like a child of the devil (no offence mark). she was practically trying to kill deryck. i managed to keep her in line when i was there - im scary kate aren't i?

kate xxxx
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