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katelyn's Journal

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

5:56PM - kerryn

was just on the phone to auntie kerryn for a long long time. she called me cos she thought my mum would just say "i told you so" and she has no close friends any more. also cos apparanly im' a smart girl- yah rite, a carnt evin spel. she had a row with scott, he said she's an unfit mother and shes the reason james died. i ca'nt beleive he said that. i konw him and james never saw eye to eye, and they definately didn't understand each other, but i was pretty sure scott was a nice guy under it all. now im not so sure. kerryn may be a bit dippy, but she's a lovely woman and she deserves so much better than someone whos' gonna treat her like that.

i know shit all about relationships, but i can tell a goodun from a badun. i think this en't gonna last much longer. i'm worried about kerryn, and james ii. how could that fuckup skinhead think of leaving them? specially after kerryn's first husband.

i hope it gets better. :S

kate xxxx

Current mood: worried

12:21PM - hello again!

back from wolverslagton, it was fun being home even tho both my parents and auntie kerryn and uncle scott have got rid of their internet! i get it tho, mum an dad too old to understand, scotts barely ever home and kerryn's pretty dim for a nurse!

i was there for my mum's 52nd b-day. its hard to beleive that she's so old now! she has greyish hair lol. my dads even older, he 57. and kerryns so young for her age- 44, married to a 33-yr-old and shes just had a baby! aw bless, i luv jimmy2. hes the most gogeous kid ever, even tho jackie, deryck and franksta are compitors! i saw all of em. lol, lissas coping fine, even wiv the evil kirstien, but deby's lookin more harrased by the minute. poor gal, she too young for this.

i have a crush. i wish i did'nt, its stupid. say no more.

anyways, i saw dave as well! lol, he shaged brizzy, ugh! i hate her. and her big big tits. their so big you can see them from space. and he got genital warts of her! god i wish hed shag someone else. brizzy is the only person in the world whos worse than robin. have'nt seen robin in long time, thank fucken god. dave is still my best mate tho, we been through everything together since we were babys. GENITAL WARTS! lol!

speakin of sex, dion tried to shag me! he wants to marry me again, he dumped sofika for me, but i dont want him! he's a bastard. he dont like sex before marriage, but he thought thatd be the only way to get me. ha! bullshit, i ent having him!

that's enough for now. im at marrakech's and she wants me to get off her computer.


kate xxxx

Current mood: good

Friday, February 27, 2004

10:41AM - grr

stuck in the flat looking after flix and robin. it really takes the pis missing my lectures like this, but i felt so sorry for flix (not robin) being so ill and itd be wrong to leave her alone. then robin joined in by acting pregnant.

hopefully, flix's boyfriend will be up later and i can go to my afternoon lectures. he wont take from robin.

gotta go, there calling me.

kate x

Current mood: gloomy

Thursday, February 19, 2004

3:52PM - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarse

sorry i been away for a while, robin formatted my computer. don't know how or why she did it, but she did and i had to install everything again. and being as i know fuck all about computers, it took me a long time!

terry and me have split up. its cos of robin. i hate her I HATE HER! basically, they fucked and hoped i would'nt find out, but i did cos their condom split. at least shes gonna have to leave ucl soon to have the baby, ha!

i'm a new woman now though. i don't give a shit about terry or robin. i gotta go now cos i'm going out for lunch with flix and her boyfriend. flix usually makes lunch, but shes too much of a zombie these days to do it! getcha mind! lol

kate xxxx

Current mood: blah

Friday, January 30, 2004

5:47PM - oh my god!

i never expected this - terry just asked me to marry him! omg this is so strange! he took me outside the uni 2 days ago (sorry i was too busy telling everyone i know to write on here!) and he'd written in the snow, MARRY ME KATE! and then he gave me the ring and it's beautiful! WOW this is great!!! kate xxxx

Current mood: on top of the world!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

10:26PM - cellulitis

i was in hospital with cellulitis (a skin infection) but i'm out now! wasnt serious, but i needed to be in hospital for the night. i've got a yucky rash all over my tit, ugh ugh ugh!

just to let you know i'm back.

kate xxxx

Current mood: uncomfortable

Saturday, January 17, 2004

10:30PM - stuff

been emailing some guy called pete wiggins, friend of bik'z. he seems ok.

now katie's left for good, some girl called robin's taken her place. annoying thing she is, keeps walking into my room and using my lappy without asking. i wish these doors had locks. gonna have to complain.

gotta go now, she's badgering me again.

kate xxxx

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

1:23PM - i fancy everyone

i've got into the stage of going out with nobody where i fancy everyone. i like all of smash mouth, all of korn, tim fluckey from adema, and of course pooka, i want to go out with him but kessy tells me i shouldn't. i want to go out with her as well lol. and i bet her brother's hot, i liked his voice on radio ptmy. and her friends, like nobin. and chris pardy cos he aparently looks like one of SMASH MOUTH!

lock up your boyfriends, girlfriends and everyone you know!

kate xxxx

Current mood: horny

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

10:46PM - updating

pookatimes (spatula's ex) will you go out with hattiehill? i'm a bit late asking i know, but spatula really wants you to.

part from that, im back home in good old wolverslagton. seen mum, dad, lissa & mark, debz & adam b, the mad kids, kerryn & scott & james ii, dave, 'mantha - everyone i used to know and still do. except i have not seen adam, emma or dion cos i hate them so much. adam tried to call me and ask me out again, i may be single but that doesnt mean i can take back old flames.

in lancastrian news, katie is not coming back. she's getting better, but she wants to stay in scotland with her family and friends. in other words, she hates us tall people as much as we used to hate her minithculitaaay (are you mocking it?).

god, i need a date now. will you go out with me? someone? ANYONE? PIEPIEPIEPIEPIE!

kate xxxx

Current mood: blah

Thursday, December 11, 2003

6:55PM - jenny_gibbs / jenny_harlow / kessa / becke / spatula / whatever

she broke up with her lad. and found someone else. and there i was hoping she left him for me...

in other news, katie's getting better and is due back soon. f'lix is making me pie. i still have no b/f or g/f. that's about it.

kate xxxx

Current mood: pissed off

Saturday, November 29, 2003

9:10PM - useless.

i have no-one any more. terry ran off with fucking mike, turns out he's bi and wants what he calls "a bit of both". so now i'm not speaking to either of them. kelley is a bitch, she talks abuot me behind my back, "oh kates got no boyfriend", so i went mad at her and i'm not talking to her either. and guess what, f'lix and m.k. aren't speaking to me cos im not speaking to kelley or mike. i hate you all, your mom's a whore.

kate xxxx

Current mood: bitchy

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

4:10AM - ca'nt sleep

none of us can. neither mk, kelley, mike, felix (katie's room-mate) nor myself ever really liked katie, but you never miss somone till theyr'e gone do you? felix makes the most amazing pies. we just had a 3am pie fest. fun, but not even pie can cheer you up when you find out that your flattest flatmate has anorexia. it's even worse for me now i konw cos of james and bikz and all that. and it's worse still cos katie's family are calling even at stupid times like this, just to know what we thougt of her and if we were in the wrong, not them. personaly i think that no-one is in the wrong and what we need is FAT ACCEPTANCE!

the worst bit of all - why did'nt i reconise her ways? how could i not notice that she was walking around at 5 stone? she wasn't even eating at our pie fest's for gods sake! i feel like it's my fault now. i know so much about anorexia and i did'nt even see it coming with katie. im' a failure.

kate xxxx

Current mood: distressed

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

12:46PM - omg

another of my flatmates, katie pearce (we're in a 6-person all-girls flat) has just been taken off to hospital. it was so weird. i was in class doing my work, when some counsellor i've never met before bursts in asking for me and tells me that katie's bogged off in an ambulance to some place called "riverdale grange" in sheffield. why sheffield i don't know cos there are plenty of docs here in preston, and katie comes from scotland, not bloody yorkshire.

i barely know katie and i'm not even sure what's wrong with her, as far as i know she's just a v. skinny and v. v. v. short (did i mention she was short?) ginger girl who lives two doors down from me and shares my kitchen. that and she thinks i'm a bitch cos im taller than her and i get laid. ;)

i do'nt know why i'm worried about someone i barely know, but i am. after all, she's my flatmate, isn't she? i think.......

kate xxxx

Current mood: confused

Monday, November 17, 2003

4:29PM - mmm pie

just come back from lectures, still wearing my smarty-pants "i want to impress the lecturers" suit. talking to kessie on #teenchatz (and using up all of my room-mate marrakech's phone bill, haha), she seems a bit down. i can't even cheer her up by making pooka pooka jokes - this is weird.

went back to wolverhampton yesterday, saw the carpenters' new baby, james deryck ii. bit of a sad name, but bless em. :) i know that auntie kerryn loved her first son and stepuncle scott (he likes being called that, heh) took a shine to him at least. i wish them the best of luck in raising a healthy happy kid, and i hope that he is just as nice as james i but without all the problems.

going out with terry, marrakech, kelley and mike (two other girls in my flat - well, mike don't like being called a girl, but she is one) at 7pm. terry likes being with the girls - wonder if he's gay? :P at least there's no danger of the girls stealing him, cos kelley's engaged, m.k.'s celibate (?!) and mike's more than a bit blokey. i haven't got drunk in ages, i'm too committed to my work. i'm just gonna watch m.k. and mike get drunk out of their heads - they always do! and have mind-blowing sex with terry afterwards. i did last thursday night as well, but one of terry's mates at his place stood there with a camera! home-made porn! yay!

kate xxxx

Current mood: okay

Sunday, October 26, 2003

9:13PM - my b/f situation

1. dion has officially broken up with me. he called me on friday to tell me that its over between us. he's gone off to marry some greek freak called sophika. he says his dad did'nt approve of me, doesn't understand polyamory. ew.

2. i haven't heard much from adam or anything at all from emma since coming to ucl. i think i can leave those relationships for dead, which leaves me with no-one.

3. except...i had a one night stand last night. and it was the best sex of my life. his name is terry elton, and for the first time ever, i felt this connection, like i might actually be in LOVE. not poly love, love-of-my-life love. is that possible to find out from one night of passion? i can see myself marrying him, and still being able to be k.a.t.e...are'nt i sad thinking about this?

in other news, had lissa, mark, adam and debs (and all 4 mad kids) staying with me. well they didn't stay in my room, they stayed somewhere in preston, but it was nice to see them all again, specially little jacinta, i love her! and i hadn't seen deb's daughter kessa before, aww she so cute! not forgetting deryck throwing up all over the place...anyway, i love the kids, except lissa has this little step child called kirstien, a love child from mark and some bitch he had. kirstien is EVIL, she's like a child of the devil (no offence mark). she was practically trying to kill deryck. i managed to keep her in line when i was there - im scary kate aren't i?

kate xxxx

Current mood: blah

Sunday, September 28, 2003

5:28PM - la la la

hi i'm back again, on a computer at uni. i like it here! we've just had a celebration thing for ucl's 175th year of existence, i didn't have much to do with it but there was a lot of frivolity and randomness. :)

i enjoyed fuck-a-fresher week. ;)

kate xxxx

Current mood: good

Friday, September 12, 2003

9:38PM - going soon...........

typing from my new laptop! :D do all uni students get these?

going here in a couple of days. i'm looking forward to it, but i'm also shittin myself: it might be like that movie i saw, legally blonde, where i'm the only blonde (maybe even the only girl!) on the law course, lol. i mean, what cute blonde girl in her right mind wants to study criminal punishment?

anyway, i'll update again sooner or later.

kate xxxx

Current mood: contemplative

Sunday, August 31, 2003

1:54PM - kate is back! (and wants to see smash mouth naked)

hi! my name is kate, i used ujournal before but now i'm on lj thanks to kessa! i got my code from the silly girl!

i don't really have much to say except that I WANNA SEE SMASH MOUTH NAKED (lissa and her mad kids came up with the idea) and i'm a slut slut slut! i've got lissa and her mad kids at my house at the moment, they're being, um, mad.

see ya later!

kate xxxx

Current mood: bouncy